Rapid Internet Technology – Good Or Bad?

Many have pondered the question; is the rapid advances of the Internet and the technology that goes along with it good or bad? Well, we all agree that this communication device is one of the best ever created, and we are putting it to good use in the social networks, and it is safe to say that this is good.

However, humans do not evolve as fast as our advances in technology and thus, we are indeed in a tricky situation as we progress. Not long ago, I was watching a TED Video and a gentleman from Google was on asking the dubious question;

What will the Internet be like in 5-years?”

Simple on the onset but think about what the Internet was 10-years ago, not anything like it is now. Now it permeates society and all aspects of our civilization and things are moving twice as fast now. So in 5-years it will progress at a 10-year rate, then the next five years maybe at a 20-year rate. Are we really ready for that?

Ha, well, it hardly matters, because ready or not here it comes. Therefore, we need to be watching and dealing with the ramifications and the unintended consequences. So, I am writing a Sci Fi book to take all this to the extreme and I will project that and other new technologies into the future and show what can happen to civilization if we are not careful and then put a little twist at the end to round out the Sci Fi genre.

It is my contention that we need to talk about this; why? Well, just because someone lists you as their friend at a social blog network, does not make them a real friend in real life. I mean the chances of them being there for you in your time of need are something like Zero +. Think on this.

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