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Basics of Current Internet Technologies

Generally, how the internet works is all the same. The salient differences of fast Ethernet, gigabit Ethernet and metro Ethernet, for example, exists mainly in the number of channels that each can carry and the bandwidth for transmitting frames (data). Digital subscriber line (DSL) is the most basic service from an ISP and relies on […]

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Background of 4G Wireless Internet Technologies

Over the years mobile technology has come a long way fast. With 4G networks coming out providing broadband speeds to mobile phone and internet usage, it can feel like just yesterday that first generation or 1G mobile phones were hitting the market. From a simple analogue network that worked for voice transmissions to the full […]

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A Past and Present View of Internet Technology

Internet Technology is now such a firm part of our daily lives that if it were to vanished one day, it could cripple a nation if not the world. Governments use computers and the internet to run cities. Companies use the same to run their offices. Banks depend on them for financial transactions. To give […]

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